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How To Do A Legal Research For The Defense On RA 9165 (“Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002”)

4 Stages that a Legal Researcher or Paralegal Do with the aid of the INTERNET.

Stage 1:   Any research starts by collecting and gathering ALL Important and Relevant Documents that are available. The Legal Researcher or Paralegal will search and download the following:

1.1. a copy of the law – RA 9165. ( 5 minutes )

1.2. the Implementing Rules and Regulations ( 5 minutes )

1.3. ALL available copies of the PDEA Board Resolutions ( 1 day )

1.4. ALL available Supreme Court Decisions involving RA 9165 ( 3 days )

1.5. ALL available Supreme Court Decisions that are related to RA 9165 such as RA 6425 ( 3 days )

1.6. ALL possible doctrines that you may use for the defense. ( 4 hours )

1.7. the copy of the Bill of Rights for your reference. ( 10 minutes )

1.8. the Rules of Court for your reference. ( 10 minutes )

1.9. Others. ( __ )

Stage 2:   Create a “Defense Folder”. ( 8 hours )

Gather inside the folder ALL available Supreme Court Decisions where the accused were ACQUITTED.

Stage 3:   Upload and Arrange ALL files to a software with search engine ( 7 days ).

If you do not have a software to upload those files then sorry and go to Stage 4.

Stage 4:   Look for a Relevant SIMILARITIES or “If The Shoe Fits”.

*Depending on the skill label of the Legal Researcher, he will be needing the help from a lawyer.

*From the “Defense Folder”, select Applicable Decisions based on CLIENT’S situations, events, and other attributes.

*The purpose of this is to Predict the Result of the case based on similarities of that of the client’s case with the previous Supreme Court Decisions.

*Defense lawyers need these so they can plan for their defense strategies.


You would be spending Time ( 2 weeks more or less ) and Money ( labor and internet connection ) AND you have not yet started Stage 4.


Wouldn’t it be nice if those documents in Stages 1-3 are already available? … so that Time and Money can be save.


The UtakPinoy.Com Software made Stages 1-3 available for you. With this software, you can immediately focus on Stage 4 to prepare for your Defense Strategies.

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