Special Functions of the Corporate Secretary – Section 123, RA 11232 – Revised Corporation Code of the Philipines

Section 123. Special Functions of the Corporate Secretary. – In addition to the functions designated by the One Person Corporation, the corporate secretary shall:

(a) Be responsible for maintaining the minutes book and/or records of the corporation;

(b) Notify the nominee or alternate nominee of the death or incapacity of the single stockholder, which notice shall be given no later than five (5) days from such occurrence;

(c) Notify the Commission of the death of the single stockholder within five (5) days from such occurrence and stating in such notice the names, residence addresses, and contact details of all known legal heirs; and

(d) Call the nominee or alternate nominee and the known legal heir to meeting and advise the legal heirs with regard to, among others, the election of a new director, amendment of the articles of incorporation, and other ancillary and/or consequential matters.

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