Treasurer, Corporate Secretary, and Other Officers – Section 122, RA 11232 – Revised Corporation Code of the Philipines

Section 122. Treasurer, Corporate Secretary, and Other Officers. – Within fifteen (15) days from the issuance of its certificate or incorporation, the One Person Corporation shall appoint a treasurer, corporate secretary, and other officers as it may deem necessary, and notify the Commission thereof within five (5) days from appointment.

The single stockholder may not be appointed as the corporate secretary.

A single stockholder who is likewise the self-appointed treasurer of the corporation shall give a bond to the Commission in such a sum as may be required: Provided, That the said stockholder/treasurer shall undertake in writing to faithfully administer the One person Corporation’s funds to be received as treasurer, and to disburse and invest the same according to the articles of incorporation as approved by the Commission. The bond shall be renewed every two (2) years or as often as may be required.

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